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Sorry for the downtime.

pgonzaid1 aOwner posted Jul 17, 13
Yep, Anarchy Craft was destroyed and the site defaced.

12 hours later, we're back to normal.

This is due to the loyalty of our players and the dedication of our staff. 

I'd like to thank:
Annually (Anally)
Colinks (you fucking pleb.)

And all others who helped.

But I re-wrote permissions, so the server is running at 100%. Still no end or nether though :(
PeppyJam Member When is it going to be up again?
Colinks Member Fucking Garybob. #PlebsOP
Fromtheback Mod Dedication

Anarchy Craft is now up!

Garybob Banned posted Jul 15, 13

We have worked hard to build this server up. We are proud to finally say that we are starting up once more! We have spent countless hours in the production in this server, and we are glade that we are finally up. If you want to join, the IP is

Anarchy Craft IS COMING BACK!

Garybob Banned posted Jul 9, 13
Hello everyone, you may not know who I am, I am the new hoster/co-owner of Anarchy craft. We are setting up the server as we speak, so be prepared!
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